Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How To Wrangle Your Ribbon, Plus Updates & Sneak Peaks

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Mom and I (we share a scrap studio) have been struggling with storage woes ever since we began combining our stashes. Our ribbon has been a HUGE issue. We both love using ribbon on our projects and we can't say no to a Buy One Get One Free sale, $1 ribbon bins, etc. Well, we have LOTS of ribbon. It was stored in a eight-drawer rolly cart, four plastic divided organizers, two 36" dowels, four shelf wire rack...well, you get the idea. It was scattered everywhere, which made it really time consuming to look for a simple piece of pink grosgrain.

But there was hope (and help) around the corner. While surfing the web one morning, I found a post on Crabby Cakes Studio, It was a fantastic idea, and I just took it a step further. I used plain, old chipboard. Actually, the chipboard was separators that used to come in boxes of paychecks where Mom used to work. I got her to start saving them for me a few years before she retired, so we had quite a large stack. {Thank goodness, we needed them all!} I cut the chipboard down to 3x5 (index card size) and used the 4x6 clear zip bags from Hobby Lobby. We began the task of wrapping the ribbon onto the chipboard. We worked morning to night for two days solid and got everything on the cards and into the baggies.

We separated everything by color. This makes finding what you want really easy and these little baggies help keep the ribbon clean and on their card - and the pins used to secure the ribbon don't poke you either;) And as a added benefit, it's so easy to grab the packs of the colors you need and throw them in a crop bag. It's so simple, why didn't I think of this sooner?!?!

Since there are no spools, it save tons of space. We went from multiple storage options, including an eight drawer rolly cart, and was reduced to {drum roll please} one 3-drawer storage cube from Michaels!

This is truly a time and space saving option for those of us with tons of ribbon. We had 592 spools of ribbon (not including holiday ribbon) and look how easily and neatly it stores.

CKC-Nashville Update!
The class & activity list is updated and registration is open. There are some wonderful classes for scrappers and cardmakers no matter what your skill level. I will be taking several "how to" class on making flowers, using bling, and all things sassy;) I hope to be able to update my blog during the convention with pictures of the vendor hall, class projects, and all the goodies we purchase. Go to, click on events, CK Conventions, and Nashville to see all the info. I hope to see some of you there!

Card Class Sneak Peak!
Card Class & Crop is this Saturday, May 7th, at Messiah Church, 2072 Hwy. 14, Prattville, AL. Card Class begins at 9:30. It's $5 for 5 cards. Crop space is available during and after the card class. If you're cropping, please bring a snack to share. Bottled water will be provided. Feel free to bring soda or a favorite beverage.

Here's some things we'll be working on...

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