Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flower Power

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A few weeks ago, I was wanting some unique flowers for a scrap project. I found some gorgeous online made by Prima. They have an awesome selection of all types of flowers made from all types of materials. I really like using them, but they can get a bit pricey...especially when you can't find them locally and have to pay shipping too. That got me thinking though. If Prima can make them, why can't I? So I started looking for some information and ideas. I went to Etsy. Great flowers, equally expensive prices and shipping. My next stop was You Tube. They have more flower tutorials than you can imagine, with more being added daily. Here is my take on some of the ideas I found...

Lollipop Flowers:

These are so easy to make. Basically, it's just graduated sized circles of any material/media you can actually shape kinda like a circle. You can use tulle, netting, burlap, paper (both patterned and cardstock), mulberry paper, satin, organza, cardboard...well, you get the point. Here is what I came up with. I hope you like it.

I made these out of lime green mulberry paper. I used a water brush and "traced" a few sizes of Spellbinder circle dies. I then tore the moistened paper into these ragged circles. I glued them together with hot glue and stuck pearls, rhinestones, or other bling in the center. I then took them layer by layer and scrunched them a little with my fingers to give them some dimension. These are part of my "Oh, Lolly" Collection and the color is "Lime Fizz."

Fresh As A Daisy:

Daisies have such cute, little flower faces. I just love them. And when you layer multiple sizes, you get a cross between a ruffled daisy and petite mum. Here's my interpretation...

For these lavender beauties, I used Bazzill cardstock in a very light lavender color. To get the differing hues, I used a variety of Glimmer Mist and Sassy Shimmer Spritz (my homemade version of Glimmer Mist). For glue, I used either Scotch Quick Dry wet adhesive or hot glue, whichever was handy. To make the petals pop and look real, I bent each one while still damp from the misting and/or spritzing. After they dried, I used a rubber coaster (or a mouse pad would work too) and an embossing stylus with a very large ball. (You can find them with the clay tools in the craft department of your favorite hobby stores.) I rolled the large ball of the stylus around the middle of the flower and the petals begin to pop upwards or "cup." This technique is actually referred to as "cupping" on several videos I watched. I then finished up the flowers with some bling for the centers.

Read All About It...

I have to say THANK YOU to my friend Stacy for sharing some of her stash with me. She gifted me several sheets of this awesome dictionary/newsprint paper from Stampin Up. I totally LOVE it!!! I followed the same steps for these flowers as I did the lavender ones above. I used Glimmer Mist in Walnut Gold and Tattered Leather as well as my "Chocolatte" Sassy Shimmer Spritz. The bling used is the Mocha Opaques from CTMH.

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