Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Is Only A Test

Welcome to the Studio!

In anticipation of our CKC-Nashville trip, I wanted to make sure I could update my blog, including pictures, from my iPad. I'm planning on keeping everyone in the loop, so even if you couldn't make it this year, you'll feel like you're there!

Here is a quick, little fall decoration I made last year. It's your average dollar store candle, just dressed up. Using my Silhouette, I cut "Give Thanks" in brown vinyl and added it to the candle. If it doesn't go on straight, don't fret. The wax is quite forgiving. You can scoot it around and get it in place. I glued some silk leaves and a sunflower together with glue dots and using a short stickpin, attached it to the candle. I love fall and I'm looking forward to the cool weather. I am quite tired of this summer heat.

My next post will be on Thursday when we hit the road...CKC or Bust!!!

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  1. Love the candle. Sometime you need to post pictures of your craftroom for all of us to see.